Too old to be a student member of your Rock Challenge team ?
Still want to be a part of the Rock Challenge experience ?

Well, you can come to as many shows as you like - be a volunteer !
We are always welcoming more volunteers to come along and embrace the unique experience of working with the crew at a Rock Challenge event.

The 2009 Calendar is on the website now so check it out, see where you could help out, then simply print out this form, fill it in and send it to us in the office. If possible, send this form five weeks before the event(s) you intend to volunteer at so that we can process your information and know to expect you !

Volunteers get to rock out on the stage in the morning and afternoon moshes with the crew too so you are guaranteed to feel like a superstar !

If you are younger still, and would like to undertake your Work Experience as a placement at Rock Challenge, we have in the past sometimes been able to find room for that. Please send a letter to the Office at the address shown below.

UK Rock Challenge Office
Wessex House
Upper Market Street
SO50 9FD

You can now also send your Volunteer Form via email to


Your Name: ________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________



Post Code: ____________________________

Date of Birth: ____________________________

Contact phone number(s): home phone___________________________ mobile_____________________________


Please state

which school / college Rock Challenge team you are / were a member of (if any):


at which venue(s) you took part: ____________________________________________________________

in which year(s) you participated: ____________________________________________________________

what your role in the team was: ____________________________________________________________ and

the name(s) of your team's Liaison Teacher(s): ____________________________________________________________


Write below the date(s) and venue(s) you would like to volunteer at (check the 2009 Tour Calendar online for dates).
Bear in mind that if you wish to volunteer at the UK National Final you MUST volunteer at a MINIMUM of ONE other show on the tour.











Please state your area(s) of interest but please note - we cannot guarantee to provide you with exactly the work you are looking for though we will do our best.

  • Production
  • VIP Assistant (evenings)
  • Merchandise
  • Workshops (juniors)
  • School Assistant
  • Daytime runner
  • Evening runner
  • Back Stage
  • Video
  • Technical
  • Other (please state) _______________________________________________

    Below, please give us brief details of what you are doing now e.g. "in full-time part-time education or working"

    STATEMENT (Please read the following very carefully)

    The Rock Challenge is a drug-free initiative. Please note that this extends to all staff, including volunteers.

    Anyone who smokes tobacco products, uses (or is under the influence of) alcohol, gets their kicks from inhaling solvents or uses Class A, B or C illegal/prohibited drugs or other substances that adversely affect their ability to work safely on the day of the event will be asked to leave the venue immediately.

    By signing this form you are agreeing to abide by this stipulation.

    Please also be aware that you will need to be checked against the records held at the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) to see if information is held about you that could indicate you should not be placed as a volunteer at any UK Rock Challenge events.

    If you have an up-to-date CRB certificate please send it with this form. If you have applied for a CRB check with Rock Challenge in the past, you need not apply again - please send us your CRB certificate with this form. A CRB check will cost you 15 and we will send you a CRB form once we have received this application form.

    Please be aware that if your application is successful you will also be required to read, accept and sign the terms and conditions for the Child Protection Policy (CPP). We ask that all our volunteers complete this paperwork to ensure that we are giving the young participants of Rock Challenge the best care and protection we can against people who may have untoward intent in volunteering for the Rock Challenge.

    SECTION FOUR (To be completed by Parents / Guardians of under-18s ... please read carefully before signing as agreeing to its terms.)

    (If you are aged under 18 then you must get a Parent or legal Guardian to sign this section of the form.)

    Volunteer staff at a Rock Challenge event will not be continuously supervised and all volunteers are expected to be responsible for their own behaviour and welfare during the time that they are with us.
    Please do not sign this form if you feel that your son/daughter/ward would find this expectation too much of a challenge.

    If your son/daughter/ward is asked to leave the venuefor breaking the conditions in the Statement below Section Three it is not the responsibility of the Rock Challenge to ensure their safe passage home.
    Please do not sign this form if you feel that you are unable to provide them with safe transportation away from the venue earlier than the planned time.

    I confirm that I have read the points above and understood them:

    ____________ (Yes / No)

    My contact mobile and home phone number(s): ________________________________________________________

    I give my permission for my son/daughter/ward

    (name) ________________________________________

    to undertake voluntary duties with the Global Rock Challenge on the days and at the venues specified in Section Three (above).

    ________________________________________ Parent's/ Guardian's Signature

    ________________________________________ PLEASE ALSO PRINT YOUR NAME

    SECTION FIVE (to be completed by Applicant of any age)

    I have read the points above and I agree to abide by the no smoking/alcohol/solvents/misuse of drugs stipulation as laid down in the Statement just below Section Three.

    I understand that I am responsible for my own welfare while I am attending a Rock Challenge event.

    I confirm that I have no criminal record relating to offences against children or young people.

    I confirm that I have no undisclosed medical condition that might affect my work with the Rock Challenge.
    (If you do have a medical condition that you feel needs to be disclosed to the UK Producer then please outline this on a separate sheet of paper and send it (marked "Confidential") with this form. Once you have done this you can still sign this Section Five.)

    Applicant's Signature ________________________________________

    PLEASE ALSO PRINT YOUR NAME ________________________________________

    Date ____________________________

    Once completed, please return this form to:

    The Personnel Department
    Global Rock Challenge (UK) Ltd
    Wessex House
    Upper Market Street
    Hampshire SO50 9FD

    Or email to:

    Thank you for your interest.